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About Us

Vivere is an invigorating Italian dining experience designed to nourish your soul with authentic food, mesmerizing views and a connected community. At Vivere, we want everyone to feel great about life, so together we can really feel… ALIVE!

Our Story

Nourish your body and soul at Vivere
Vivere in Italian means to be alive, to experience. And we hope that is just what you find when you walk through our doors- an invigorating dining experience for all the senses. 
At Vivere, you can escape from the maddening crowds of the city even if just for an evening, with our authentic high end Italian dining surrounded by  mesmerising open views of the harbor and Victoria Park. 


Tantalise your palate with our carefully curated authentic Italian dishes made with premium ingredients. And if you are in the mood to indulge, you can pair your meal with our exclusive wines from the celebrated lush vineyards of Italy. 


More than just a good restaurant, we want to create a connected community where the good vibes and good people brings out the best in you and us. A space that makes everyone feel great about life, so we really can really feel… ALIVE! 

Let’s do this together, see you at Vivere! 


Vivere Definition

Vivere in Italian means to be alive, to experience. While life is short and unpredictable, we can make the best and the most of what we have. Let’s experience life to the fullest and make every moment memorable.


About Vivi

Vivere is more than just a restaurant, it is an experience that aims to surprise and delight. When the time is right, Vivere transforms into its alter ego Vivi, where there are more cheeky discoveries to enjoy.


Logo Rationale

The Vivere logo consists of energetic yet stylish typeface consistent with our lively brand personality and an emblem which can be interpreted as a sun, a flower or even a burst of fireworks, all which represent being alive and energy.


The emblem is also made up of 8 “Vi”s, a number considered lucky by many. And that’s how we hope customers feel when you visit us. The eight Vi’s also form an asterisk –used in the Italian language to represent equality and gender neutrality, as we want to create an inclusive space that is always respectful. A space where everyone belongs. 
Our colours are contrasting regal gold and burgundy, which are a symbol of our promise to treat everyone like royalty, by providing the best service and experiences. 

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